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dishonest, rude, cheating, mean and even threatening to customers.

You never would want to deal with them again!!!The owner is Mr.Greg Goga.

They installed defective sprinkler system at my house which brike two times just after one year of using and then they refuse to repair it. I sure fired them and I can not prove it but I am 99% confident that they came and put *** seeds on my lawn. Today, on july 12th, 2010 I spoke to Greg Goga himself about reparing my sprinkler and he refused to do that even when I agree to pay him. He stated also that it would be too far for him to drive 20 miles tomy house.

By the way his company is located in Maple Valley, WA and I live in Snoqualmie, WA which is 10 miles max.taking just one Hwy 18.

I would not recommend anyone to deal with this people.

Review about: Sprinkler System.

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